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iCloud Mail

iCloud is the most comprehensive platform Apple has ever invented (well, we think so anyway), and combines a whole spectrum of communication services. With iCloud email (iCloud Mail), you can not only access your emails from any of your Apple devices, but you can also manage calendars and contacts, and where the email includes reference to a meeting, […]

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March 16, 2015

iCloud Email

Once you’ve set up your iCloud account, you will be prompted to set up iCloud email (or iCloud Mail as it’s called). If you used an email address that doesn’t end with to set up your Apple ID, you will need to create an email address ending with before you can use iCloud […]

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March 16, 2015

Are your Emails Being Read by Apple?

Last week reports emerged that Alex Kibkalo (a Lebanese, former Microsoft employee) was arrested for selling the Windows 8 source code. But the real concern is how Microsoft gathered the evidence against him; they read his personal emails without any form of court order. So the question we were left asking was this: Does Apple […]

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March 24, 2014

The Complete Guide to Hand Gestures in iOS 10

Apple made the use of hand gestures second nature when they launched the iPhone, but we’re now a long way on from the simple scroll and swipe. In the latest version of iOS how you use the available hand gestures has a range of possibilities. Here’s a quick and simple overview that explains all the options.

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March 22, 2017

Family Sharing: A Complete Guide

Apple’s Family Sharing tools in iOS and OS allow for shared photos, apps, music and lots more. It offers savings on purchases from the App Store as well as flexible sharing. In this complete guide we show you how to get set up and how to get the most out of your Family Sharing.

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January 18, 2017

Apple launches Apple Support App – And It’s Great!

You know how getting any meaningful support from Apple can be a massive pain? Well, I think they’ve been listening! Last week they launched their own dedicated Apple Support App – and it’s great. Actually useful in the real world and, crucially, a way that you can get real time feedback from someone at the […]

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December 20, 2016

How To Recover Your Lost Apple ID Password

Lost your Apple iD and password? No problem – here are the exact steps that you need to take to recover your Apple iD to restore your connection to your Apple account and iCloud. Without your Apple iD you’re limiting the functionality of your iPhone or iPad. Get reconnected with this step by step process.

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December 14, 2016
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