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What To Do if You’ve Lost Your Passcode

Like most tech-savvy Mac users, all of us are aware that we should be using Hacker-safe passcode, but we don’t always get around to changing them from a memorable date or person. For those of us who do get around to changing it, we are faced with the tricky issue of remembering all our complicated […]

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January 21, 2015

Apple Pay Launches Global Expansion

While the fact that Apple wants to get Apple Pay available in as many territories as humanly (or technologically) possible doesn’t come as a direct shock, this may be the first significant hint that the technology giant is making steps towards global domination. Apple Pay Expansion A new Apple job advert as highlighted and revealed by […]

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December 18, 2014

Apple Pay Adds New Financial Partners

Apple Pay is now supported by 21 issuing American banks including US Bank, US Trust, Navy Federal, American Express, Barclaycard, L&N Federal Credit Union and Wells Fargo! The full and ever growing list of participating Apple Pay issuers is available via this Apple support page. The NFC chip iPhone payments system was launched in the […]

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December 5, 2014

How To Share Your Location Using iMessage

The days of hide and seek are over. You can now be found at any time – if you want to be. Here at iCloud Login we are often called to meetings in various unknown locations, and we find the easiest way to find each other since the launch of iOS 8 is by using iMessage […]

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November 19, 2014

Is Apple Making Less Durable Products?

Better Design, Better Functionality, Poorer Durability? We’ve seen a lot of reports since last week about the durability of Apple’s sleek new designed products, and the repairability of those. And it’s got us wondering…is Apple, in improving it’s functionality and design features, losing sight of longevity and durability? iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Bless […]

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September 19, 2014

Why iOS Gestures Are Fundamentally Changing the Way We Operate

For those of us old enough to remember the ‘olden days’ of Nokia being the market leading phone, and physical buttons being the trusted method for phone interaction, we may well remember the utter distrust and fear of the introduction of the iPhone with no buttons and touchscreen technology. For this reason, the touchscreen technology […]

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August 20, 2014

Is Apple TV our Home Automation Hero?

The idea that home automation could be simple feels quite simply too good to be true. As it stands, setting it all up with Apple is very simple for individual devices, but the struggle comes when you begin using various devices which need to communicate with each other. We can spend hours troubleshooting problems with […]

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August 15, 2014

iOS 8 is Coming – How to Prepare Yourself

iOS 8 is coming this Fall, and with it, bringing a huge wealth of new design and functionality. You need to make sure you’re ready for it – don’t update until you have checked the following: 1. Is your device supported?  iOS 8 will only work on the following devices: iPhone 4S iPhone 5 iPhone […]

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July 11, 2014