Ram Mount In-Car Phone Holder – The BEST There Is!

Click for more info on the Ram Mount Twist Lock Cell Phone Holder

This week’s deal doesn’t have a massive saving but I’ve picked it because it is absolutely the best solution to a problem – hands down.

If you need to mount your iPhone in your car to use for Sat-Nav (Waze anyone? – how I love thee!) or for hands-free calls, then this is the daddy of all car mounts.

And, of course, we all know that we should not be holding a phone whilst driving and in many places that’s the law and a law that the powers that be are cracking down on – as I think they should.

For everyone’s safety, get a car mount for your phone!

RAM are well know and very highly respected for making phone mounts that are used by motorcyclists and extreme sports dudes (jetboats and downhill mountain bikes – things like that). So when it comes to making one that works well in a car or truck, they know what to do.

This RAM mount is made from very high grade composite and aluminium. It has a high suction mount and an auto grip holding mechanism.

Bottom line, it will fit any car and will not bounce around no matter what.

Just take a look at the amount of people raving about it on Amazon and know that it’s the best choice!

List Price: $52.88
Price: $49.99 
You Save: $2.89 (5%)


Get yours here:

Click for more info on the Ram Mount Twist Lock Cell Phone Holder
But….hold up!

If your budget isn’t up there, I’d recommend this – the Anker Vent Mount.

You know how much I love Anker – great products, great prices and great customer service.

This mount won’t be for everybody as it mounts to an air vent in your car, but it is a great option. It is magnetic and comes with a pad that can stick to the rear of your phone – or, as I have seen many do – it’s thin enough to go inside a case on your phone and still work. i.e. no need to stick anything to your phone.

Well worth a look at less than ten bucks.

(But I’d still go for the RAM – it’s so good!)

Price: $29.99
Sale: $9.99 
You Save: $20.00 (67%)

Get yours here:

Click for more info on the Anker vent Mount Cell Phone Holder

February 10, 2017

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