118 Best iPhone Apps Ever

Updated and Amended – January 2017

If you stop for a second and look around you, you’ll notice that most people, be it on the train or in the street, are looking at their iPhone or iPad…we are all connected to technology.

So we thought we’d take some time to compile and review the 118 best iPhone apps ever to help make you better at doing the things you love to do.

We looked at a huge selection of Apps and spoke to a lot of experts and everyday users to find out the iPhone Apps that people love the most – the useful, the essential, the fun and the smart. Basically, the best Apps ever!

We’ve broken this definitive list down into sections so you can jump to each section with the blue links below. Click on the orange button below those to start on the first section and scroll through all 118.

We guarantee that you will find some Apps that you didn’t know about but that you’ll be very happy to discover and use.

If you want to download any of the Apps to your device, simply click on the image or title to be taken to the App store

App Categories

Top 12 Health & Fitness Apps
Top 5 Home Apps
Top 8 Car Apps
Top 12 Organisation Apps
Top 7 Cloud Storage Apps
Top 12 Travel Apps
Top 16 Photo Apps
Top 10 Film Making Apps
Top 7 News Apps
Top 15 Social Apps
Top 5 Weather Apps
Top 6 Music Apps
Top 3 Money Transfer Apps

Top 12 Health & Fitness Apps >

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April 23, 2015