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Top 7 News Apps

We all like to keep on top of the news, and some of us even want to make sure we’re getting an unbiased approach by checking the same stories on different channels and then making up our own minds (of course that’s what I do). Here are my top 10 news apps for keeping up to date with what’s going on while you’re on the move. And all of these apps are free!

1. BBC News

BBC News app

The BBC News app is the most popular British feed on world news, with breaking news, top stories and most read sections.

2. Sky News

Sky News app

With headlines, showbiz, weather bulletins and live video feeds, the Sky News app keeps you on top of Sky News from your iPhone.

3. AP Mobile

AP Mobile app

This award winning app from The Associated Press is used by thousands of newspapers online, so is a great place to get the news first hand.

4. BBC Sport

BBC Sport app

The BBC Sport app keeps you in touch with live sport results, news, live video screening and on-demand.

5. Reeder 2

Reeder app

Reeder 2 is a great RSS reader designed specifically for the iPad and iPhone gives you control over which newsfeeds you want to be updated on.

6. CNN

CNN News app

The CNN news app is even available on the Apple Watch! Keep on top of the latest headlines from around the world.

7. New York Times (NYT)

New York Times app


The NYTimes app is fantastic for breaking news, morning briefings, the “today” widget, but you can purchase unlimited access and add-on features within the app. It is also available for the Apple Watch.

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April 23, 2015

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