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 Top 15 Social Apps

We live in a world of social media. Most of us have multiple social media profiles, from Twitter to Facebook and a wealth of other apps to help us stay connected, so here’s my top 15 social apps to keep you ahead of the curve in your social circles.

1. Facebook

facebook app - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever

If you have a Facebook account and aren’t already using this free app, then I’m surprised (and impressed) if you manage to keep on top of what all your friends are up to. It’s a great way to post pics and updates when you’re on the move, and keep in touch with what’s happening.

2. Facebook Pages Manager

pages app - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever

If you manage a Facebook Page for work, business, or a hobby, then Facebook Pages Manager will make editing and managing that page so much simpler for you. And again, it’s free.

3. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger1 - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever

Alongside the Facebook app, you will want to get hold of the Facebook Messenger app. Utilising a Wi-Fi connection or 3G you can essentially text friends for free using this app. It makes keeping in touch and meeting up so much simpler!

4. Instagram

Instagram1 - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever

You may have noticed that I deliberately left Instagram out of my top 15 Picture Editing Apps list, and that’s because I think it belongs here, being so much more focused on sharing. Instagram is a fantastic and much loved app where you can add filters and effects to photos and upload them to your favourite social media outlets, and follow friends. Being specifically photo based, it’s a nice visual way to keep up to date on what your friends are up to.

5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever

Hootsuite is the world’s most popular social media management software, and the Hootsuite app lets you take control of your social media messages and updates in one simple place.

6. Google+

G  - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever

Google Plus is another of the many social media feeds you can subscribe to, but the Google+ app is so much more than that. You can not only stay in touch with friends through Google+ but explore topics you love, join communities, back up and edit photos and videos. It’s a fairly comprehensive little free app!

7. Pinterest

Pinterest1 - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever

I love Pinterest. It’s so good for creating mood boards, collecting images you love, and keeping yourself inspired. So naturally I love to be able to access it on the move and keep adding to my boards via the free Pinterest app.

8. Twitter

Twitter1 - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever

Never miss a Twitter update with the Twitter app on the go – it’s only quick updates anyay, so help stay on top of it all with the app.

9. Buffer for Twitter & Social Media

Buffer - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever

If you want to make sure everyone knows what you’re up to, use Buffer to share one post across all your social media outlets!

10. Snapchat

Snapchat1 - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever

The beauty and fun of Snapchat is that it’s impermanent. You send a pic or a video, you can write on it if you want…your friend sees it, laughs, and then it’s gone forever. Unless they take a screen grab. A really fun way to communicate.

11. Instagrab

instagrab - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever

Instagrab is a handy free app that lets you easily download and store (and repost if you like) pictures that you love from Instagram.

12. Whatsapp

Whatsapp - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever

Whatsapp is another great free app that allows you to message and send picture messages to friends and groups of friends who are also using Whatsapp for free. It’s really popular, when you first download it, the app will request to use your contacts, and then within WhatsApp, you’ll be able to see everyone you know who’s already using it.

13. LinkedIn

LinkedIn - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever

LinkedIn is one of the best social media connections for professional content. Set up your profile, work on your brand image, and connect with professionals in your sphere. Many large corporations recruit only from within LinkedIn, so it’s worth having a professional profile on there. The mobile app is free, and fab for keeping on top of what your peers are up to, what job opportunities there are and other relevant information while on the move.

14. Skype

Skype1 - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever

The Skype app lets you do almost everything you can do on the laptop, you can video call friends and family, if you prefer not to have video on, you can make free calls from your phone to their Skype account (they can receive it on their phone if they have the app, or on their computer otherwise). it’s a great way to keep in touch, and again, it’s free!

15. LinkedIn Connected

LinkedIn Connected - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever

Use this app to strengthen your professional relationships on LinkedIn. Know when to reach out and connect with people. Get notifications on when people change jobs, birthdays and anniversary’s.

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April 23, 2015