118 Best iPhone Apps Ever

Top 5 Weather Apps

1. AccuWeather – Weather for Life


AccuWeather - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever

This free weather app claims to have superior accuracy, and it has won awards too. It gives minute by minute precipitation updates so you will know the weather forecast for the next 2 hours at your exact GPS location.

2. Met Office Weather


MetOffice - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever

The Met Office free weather app is fantastic for up to date weather forecasts and severe weather warnings for the UK. IT also has a 5-day detailed weather forecast for thousands of locations worldwide.

3. Mooncast

Mooncast1 - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever


This is an app with a unique difference. It’s not free, but at £0.79 it’s worth it for the interest points. It shows in beautifully clear pictures, the current phase of the moon. You can check when the next full moon is and other interesting moon facts. It’s compatible with Facebook and Twitter too if you want to show off.

4. Dark Sky

DarkSky - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever


Dark Sky is an incredible app which lets you know exactly when it’s going to rain up to 1 hour in advance, so you can make the most of those dark sky moments. It has really gorgeous weather animations and is really accurate particularly with large storms. It costs $3.99, but it’s worth it.

5. Haze


Haze1 - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever

Haze also costs (£2.49), but it’s got a really clean design to it, and uses animations and an audio-visual interface to essentially present the weather to you.

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April 23, 2015