118 Best iPhone Apps Ever

Top 6 Music Apps

1. Spotify

Spotify1 - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever


Streaming music services are in. They give you the freedom (and storage) for as much music as your heart desires to listen to. And Spotify is one of the best, and most comprehensive music listening apps out there. You may already have it on your computer, but to get the most out of the service, you want to be able to listen wherever you are.

Try picking one of your favourite songs then putting it into Spotify Radio – it will suggest songs based on your favourite song. Every time I try this, I find something I love but had never heard before. It’s a brilliant app. The basic version of the app is free (but you get adverts), or you can upgrade to a paying account if you want to get the most out of it.

2. Soundcloud

Soundcloud1 - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever


If you make music yourself, or are interested in hearing new, unreleased music, Soundcloud is a great place to share what you made, what you love and where you can  find recommendations. The app is free too.

3. TuneIn Radio – Every Station Imaginable

TuneIn Radio1 - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever


Perhaps they don’t have every station imaginable, but they do have over 40,000 radio stations, including some of the less obscure, niche stations. This free app tells you the name of the song currently playing so you always know what you’re listening to. My favourite feature is the ability to pause and rewind live radio.

4. Shazam

Shazam1 - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever


Shazam is that awesome free app that you can grab when you hear a song you love and want to know who it’s by. All you do is press the Shazam button, and let it listen to the music, then it will show you who it’s by, and even get you a link to buy it if that’s what you want. Love this app!

5. Pandora Radio

Pandora1 - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever


Finding new music is really effortless with Pandora. Similarly to Spotify, you can create personalised stations and find music you will love. Another great free music app for music lovers.

6. Yousician Guitar

Yousician - 118 Best iPhone Apps Ever

Teach yourself to play guitar with this really easy to use and free app. With tabs for over 15,000 songs, there’s not much you won’t be able to find (and if you can’t find it there’s always the internet once you’ve picked up the tips and tricks that this app gives you).

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April 23, 2015