16 Things You Didn’t Know Your Mac Could Do

As you are on this website, and are now reading this article, you know that Macs are an amazing piece of technology. However, due to so much mystery and enigma, it’s been up to the users to realise the full potential of these superb machines. So, to make your task easier, we have put together a list of, many, if not all, things you could achieve with your Mac. Happy Reading!

1. Invert The Colours On The Screen


This one is for the people reading long blog posts. Or even funky teenagers wanting to make their Macs look like something straight out of a Matrix movie. No matter which one of those you are, inverting the colours on your screen could be a very useful feature. To do this, go to Settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Accessibility and then check the box saying ‘Invert Colors’. Now, when you’re going through those lengthy articles (or showing your friends a Matrix computer), just press ⌘⌥⌃8 (Command+Option+Control+8) at the same time and Voila!


2. Summarize Text


Sometimes, you’re in a hurry, and reading those 2000-word posts just doesn’t seem to be an option. Or sometimes, you’re just too lazy to read them, like me. To assist the busy and the lazy, the Mac has this brilliant feature that summarizes the text to as short as you want it. To enable it, go to Settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Services and scroll down to the bottom of the list. Then, check the ‘Summarize’ box.


Next time you stumble upon those long pieces of text, just highlight it, and at the top application menu, choose Safari(Or whatever app you’re using), Services and then Summarize. It should open another window, where you can tweak how you want to sum up the excerpts.


3. Calculate In The Spotlight


Opening the Calculator app each time you want to find the answer to a sum seems a bit lengthy process sometimes. Alternatively, if you don’t want to go through the whole drama, just open Spotlight Search (⌘+Space) and type in whatever equation’s answer you need.


Also, you may enter conversions, and the search box would give you the answer in a jiffy. You may also fire up the calculator app from the search results.


4. Preview Files Without Opening Them


Occasionally, we discover specific files in Finder which we don’t want to open (or feel it’s a long and slow process). For times like those, or whenever you want to preview files, just select them and press the space bar. It opens up a small new window, with the file inside the preview box. It may be a small feature from Apple, but use it correctly, and you may end up saving hours off those extremely long office days.


5. Hot Corners

5. Hot Corners

With Hot Corners, you can determine what actions will trigger when you move your cursor to a specific corner on your screen. Goodbye, keyboard shortcuts. You don’t need to swipe to find notification centre; just assign it in Hot Corners and you’re good to go! To set up this nifty feature, go to Settings -> Desktop and Screensaver -> Screensaver -> Hot Corners. From there, you can assign functions to the corners. Next time you’re taking a break, move your cursor to the top left corner and let the screensaver take over.


6. Typing Faster With Keyboard Shortcuts

6. Typing Faster With Keyboard Shortcuts

Uggh. We all sometimes hit that lazy patch where typing the whole phrase seems annoying, and we want to type shortcuts that’d turn to the whole phrase. Seems a bit futuristic, eh? Not anymore. Head over to Settings -> Language and Region -> Keyboard Preferences -> Text. There, add whatever shortcuts you feel like, the sky is the limit. A small, smart add-on, that may just be the perfect way to save you precious time.

Side note: Super amazing prank opportunity. Change ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ to ‘I need avocados from the market’ on your friends (maybe not for much longer!) laptop.


7. Faster Transacting

7. Faster Transacting

For people with large bank balances and a huge shopping list, typing in your credit card number and your security code and your expiration date and the card holder’s name turns out to be tiring and boring. To aid you in this cumbersome process is a tiny feature in Safari. Like passwords, you can store your credit card info there (Don’t worry, no one can hack the data).

7. Faster Transacting

To do this, open Safari, go to File -> Preferences -> AutoFill -> Credit Cards, and add your info there. When you’re filling in the credit card details for purchasing, you’ll see a small popup box, containing the data. Click on it, and let the magical wonders of the Apple Mac dazzle you.


8. Revert To Older Versions Of A Document

8. Revert To Older Versions Of A Document

No matter what tool you used, or how you created the file, you can revert back to an older version without any hassle or complications. Simply open the file in Preview or an iWork app, go to File -> Revert to -> Browse All Versions.

8. Revert To Older Versions Of A Document

You’ll be teleported to a different screen, and you can choose whichsoever version of the file you need. Wake up public, we’re finally in the future.

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September 10, 2015

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