2014 iPhone Photography Awards

Results are in for the 2014 iPhone Photography Awards! Anyone with an iPhone, provided there has been no use of desktop image processing software, can enter the annual IPP Awards. Submissions can be taken on any iPhone, iPod or iPad. Entrants compete for the prestigious IPPA Photographer of the Year award, and the top 3 entrants win a 16GB Wifi Pad Air.


The above picture is one of our favourites, by Michael O’Neal (CA, United States), who won 1st place for the ‘Animals’ category.

The Winners

The Top 3 winners, all gaining the title of IPPA Photographer of the Year, are below:

1st Place – Julio Lucas (Brandenton, FL, United States)


2nd Place – Jose Luis Barcia (Madrid, Spain)


3rd Place – Jill Missner (Ridgefield, CT, United States)




  • Animals
  • Abstract
  • Architecture
  • Children
  • Flowers
  • Food
  • Landscape
  • Lifestyle
  • Nature
  • News/Events
  • Panorama
  • People
  • Portrait
  • Seasons
  • Still Life
  • SunsetTravel
  • Trees
  • Other

Other Information

To see the top 20 photographs, click this link.

Check out all of the winning photographs here.

Go and get inspired for the IPPA Awards 2015 at https://www.ippawards.com


June 15, 2014

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