50 Timesaving Tips for iCloud

We’ve found an excellent article which will save you hours of your time when using iCloud! Whether you’re getting to grips with Quick Look or your Library Folder, or customising your Desktop and Screensaver, these tips will streamline your use of iCloud. This blog is on Tech Radar, which we’ve found to be an excellent blog for useful tips and tricks and we’ve picked up a lot of useful tips from them already.

50 iCloud Tips

Here’s a look at the first ten timesaving tips covered in the article:

1. Send items directly from the Finder
2. Learn more about your wireless connection
3. Change your default Finder view
4. Reveal your Library folder
5. Take advantage of Quick Look
6. Use Smart Folders effectively
7. Collect items together in an archive
8. Customise your desktop & screen saver
9. Harness the power of right-clicking
10. Use an ad blocker for cleaner browsing

If you’re wanting to get up to speed on the most efficient uses of iCloud, check out the 50 top tips now.

February 11, 2013