7 Things You Can Do with Your Old iPhone

It has been a record breaking week for Apple with the release of their two new flagship mobile devices the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. So if you haven’t already traded your old phone in, then there are ways you can still get some mileage out of your old iPhone by dedicating it to other tasks that could be a useful addition to your current setup.

We have a list here of 6 uses you could put your iPhone to now you have one of the big boys.

manythings app - 7 Things You Can Do with Your Old iPhone

1. Turn It Into A Home Security Device

British startup Manything has developed an amazing app that can turn your old iPhone into a full security camera, and you can remotely monitor a live feed of whatever you point it at – for free.

Manything uses the front facing camera of your iPhone to capture and live stream footage from your home or what ever you want to monitor, and you can log-in to it from anywhere on your new iPhone.  The coolest thing is that it also sends out motion detection alerts if something, well, moves.  With it’s ‘advanced’ motion detection setting you can select the exact area of the monitored room you want it to focus on.

Manything also claims that it has more features than a $200 security camera. Sound pretty neat! Get more info on the FREE app below.


Luxi - 7 Things You Can Do with Your Old iPhone

2. Turn it Into A Professional Photographic Light Meter

Ok, this ones not free, but for $30 all your over/under exposed photos will be a thing of a past. This neat little add-on ‘Luxi’ fits over the front facing camera of your iPhone 4 or 5 and gives you accurate light readings of the surrounding area. This basically turns your old friend into a  professional light meter and ensures that your exposure is correct.

The iPhone can already measure light, but it only measures reflected light, which isn’t that accurate. Luxi clip on attachment with combined with it’s app will give you more accurate readings for to help bring you better quality images and considering the price of a stand alone light meter, this one’s a steal.


clock radio - 7 Things You Can Do with Your Old iPhone

3.  Turn It Into An Awesome Bedside Alarm Clock Radio TV

Why not? the iPhone can do all these things. And with an airport express connected to your bedroom hifi it could be very cool. There are plenty of bedside stands/chargers on the market but for me the coolest of the bunch is the C-Dock.

It’s  a retro-TV looking iPhone 4 dock made from a thick piece of solid walnut and features a brushed aluminium glossy face plate that also comes with a lengthy USB cable built-in for charging.

One of the benefits of an iCloud account is that you can sync your appointmentsand automatically update your ‘alarm clock’ remotely, or you could feed spotify or another music app to your hifi or even use it as a mini TV nightstand and watch Netflix into the wee small hours.


apple tv remote - 7 Things You Can Do with Your Old iPhone

4.  Turn It Into An Apple TV remote

One of the drags about the supplied Apple TV remote is the entering of data , passwords etc by using the nudge around the screen technique to complete the function. Well you can can use your old iPhone just as a remote if you like to take the pain away. It’s a free app that give you that and other functions to make using Apple TV a whole lot easier.

More on the app here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/remote/id284417350?mt=8

ebook iphone - 7 Things You Can Do with Your Old iPhone

5.  Turn It Into A Dedicated Ebook Reader

It’s also possible to use the iPhone as an e-book reader, with its easy-to-use, big touchscreen. There are several jailbroken e-book apps available, along with i2Reader app found in the iTunes App Store.

Still, by itself, the device lacks a tactile feel of a true e-book reader. Wired magazine has a tutorial on how to encase your iPhone into a Moleskine notebook, making it easier to hold. The Moleskine notebook, although you can really choose just about any notebook, adds a tactile element to your iPhone, while simultaneously disguising your device. The project requires a Moleskine notebook, an iPod Touch (or your extra iPhone), an X-Acto knife, and some PVA glue. The end result is that it becomes a lot easier to hold your iPhone, enhancing the overall e-book reading experience wherever you are.

pro iphone camera - 7 Things You Can Do with Your Old iPhone

6.  Turn It Into A Professional Camera

As an iPhone user you already know how great the device is for photography with it’s own camera app and others such as the very cool Hipstamatic app. Well there area whole range of adapters that can help you take you pictures to the next level ny attaching professional lenses to the phone.  Everything from SLR and fisheye lenses to macro and micro lenses. Try this iPhone SLR Mount, which costs $175.

dedicated skype - 7 Things You Can Do with Your Old iPhone

7.  Turn It Into Dedicated Desktop Skype Station

One last thing, as you’re keeping your iPhone around and you are a Skype user, you might as well add it to all the other tech sitting on your desk. Use it for Skype calls with clients or friends. This Elago stand costs $25 on Amazon.

Or maybe you could just stick a new sim card in it and use it as a second phone!






September 24, 2014