Want to know everything there is to know about Apple’s iCloud service?

iCloudLogIn is the site you need!

If you’re new here, we recommend that you download our free guide to iCloud – ‘iCloud – 10 Essential Tips’. This is now in its second edition and has been read by 50,000 iCloud users.

This latest version is an excellent resource for those who are new to using iCloud as well as to those looking for more in-depth iCloud advice.

What Can I Find Here?

We set up iCloud Login just after Apple announced iCloud a few years ago in order to write advice and tips for people to get to know and learn how to use Apple’s iCloud service.

We have covered iCloud in depth, but have often and increasingly found ourselves delving further into researching and writing about other Apple products – especially iPhone and iPad.

We now cover iPhone and iPad as well – which makes a lot of sense since they use iCloud to drive some of their functions.

So, on this site you’ll find articles, help, tips and advice on iCloud, iPhone and iPad – and a little bit about Macs too!

If you want to know all about:

  • what Apple’s iCloud service is
  • what does iCloud offer that it’s rivals don’t
  • why iCloud is (or isn’t) the right choice for you, your photos, your music and your files
  • what the latest developments and improvements to iCloud are
  • all the latest news on iPhone, iPad and iOS
  • reviews and tips for iOS Apps

…and lots more….

…then iCloudLogIn is the place to find those answers.

About Us

We are Will Arnold, Colin Montgomery and Penelope Webb – three Apple enthusiasts with a penchant for researching the newest products on the market, an innate understanding of technology, and a passion for design.

As we said above, we set up iCloud Login to highlight some of the best tips for using iCloud as a tool, but cover a lot of ‘how to’ advice for other Apple devices as well.

We all worked in the music industry for many years where we dealt with a lot of technology and all used Apple Macs (in studios and for design) so we have always been around Apple technology. We don’t quite consider ourselves absolute experts but we aren’t far short! Now that we run this site, we spend a lot of time working out how all of Apple’s stuff works so we do keep learning and writing about them.

We now also run a subscription site that has a monthly newsletter focused on helping people get the most out of their iPhone and iPad. You can check that out here:

iExpert News – Monthly Subscription Apple Tips

And you can also find our comprehensive guide to getting more battery life out of your iPhone here:

‘Double Your iPhone Battery Life’

We are not connected nor endorsed by Apple Inc. or its associates. We are an independent advice website.

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