Chargetech AC Portable Charger – Up to 23% Off

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This blew me away – I didn’t even know these existed!   OK, it’s not cheap, but it is pretty damn special.   If you need a battery pack that will charge your iPhone or iPad, then there’s loads of those to choose from and we regularly recommend the Anker products. – they’re fantastic and great value for money.   But, and as I said, I didn’t know these even existed, what if you need to power something that needs a full AC outlet but you’re on the move?   Well, you get one of these!   It’s essentially the same thing as those smaller USB battery packs but it offers the higher capacity of a full AC outlet.   This thing will charge your laptop or power lights for a photographer or any number of things that need that amount of juice. Anywhere. Even in the middle of nowhere.   It’s awesome!   And this one from Chargetech (apparently America’s leading manufacturer of charging stations) is the pick by the leading review site, the Wirecutter.   You can see for yourself from the endless 5 star reviews on Amazon that the people who need this kind of portable power love this thing.   One of the staffers here told me that he’d used one of these a few years ago and it had been the size of a suitcase! He was blown away too by how small and portable this technology now is. And this Chargetech charger appeals because it offers such a good balance of size, capacity, and price.   It’s about the size of a hardcover book so that it’s small enough to carry in a backpack or even a handbag, but it packs enough punch to completely charge your laptop.   If this is something you need in your life, don’t hesitate to grab this award winning charger whilst it’s at this discounted price.   Charge tech content - Chargetech AC Portable Charger – Up to 23% Off  
List Price: $224.95
With Deal: $174
You Save: $50.00 (23%)
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Click for more info on the Chargetech AC Portable Charger


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May 12, 2017