All New Kindle E-reader – Up to 25% Off

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I know – it’s a tech gadget that isn’t by Apple!

But, guess what?

It’s so good Apple haven’t bothered to compete!

I wasn’t a fan of the idea of an e-reader for a very, very long time.

Mind you, I read…a LOT!

Then I was bought this model as a present a while back (must have been a few years now) and I was converted. Sure I still pick up paperbacks at second hand stores and the rare occasion that I go through an airport, but the vast majority of books I read now, I read on the Kindle.

I find that this standard (or basic) version is all I need.

It is simple to use and puts the words on the screen crisply and I find it great to read from.

It has a touch screen and the resolution is great from the no glare screen.

Finding and downloading books is a breeze – and many classics are available for free!

There are three more expensive versions but, as far as I can see, all they add is inbuilt lighting for the screen (as it’s not backlit like your computer or iPad), which is why it’s easy on the eye and the battery lasts…..forever!

I don’t mind about the inbuilt light as I never read in the dark! If you think you might need one, then it’s worth looking at the next version up, but that’s the only reason I’d bother with that.

All I can do is repeat that I had no interest in using a Kindle until I had one – and now I use it all the time!

And, today, it’s on special offer at 25% off – making this standard version (all the e-reader you’ll ever need) as cheap as it’s ever likely to be!

List Price: $79.99
With Deal: $59.99
You Save: $20.00 (25%)

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Click for more info on the All New Kindle E-reader
March 10, 2017