Amazon Fire TV Stick – It’s only $39.95

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No discount!

But there’s a very good reason I’m recommending it.

If you ’cut the cord’ you could save a fortune in cable fees. (It’s common to save upwards of $100 per month if you cancel cable and switch to ‘On Demand’ TV).

My parents are 83 and 84. My mom won’t do technology at all, despite the fact that I’m a journalist and educator for tech products and offer to help her every time I see her!

My Dad, on the other hand, uses our iExpert News site avidly and uses an iPad and iPhone. He’s learnt a lot from our step by step articles.

Just after Christmas I was visiting them and suggested that they think about getting rid of their cable TV (in the UK we have one market leader called Sky) and consider using an Amazon Fire stick with Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and other services.

Anyway, I bought them a Fire Stick and my Dad had the hang of it that afternoon.

What does it do?

Well, the Fire Stick basically turns any TV into a SMART TV and enables you to stream TV, movies and music over your internet connection. That means no aerial or cable is required.

It supports the ‘big two’ in almost every country – Netflix and Amazon Prime Video – and the other services available depend on what country you’re in.

In the US, you can also get HBO Now and Hulu Plus (as well as loads of other services) and between these four you can get 95% of the channels and current TV shows that you’d get on cable.

Obviously there are subscription costs for each of these (Amazon Prime is $99 per year but I swear by it as not only do you get all the TV and Movies but you also get next day delivery for free on everything you buy from Amazon). In my house I don’t therefore consider that a cost as it pays for itself within the first few months of the year!

On top of that you can also stream music using Amazon’s own music service, Spotify or Pandora.

But…that’s not all.

The Fire Stick is also now connected to the Amazon Alexa voice control system. So you can literally control your TV by speaking to it!

Although this is still in its early stages, that means you also have a voice control device that can do crazy stuff like take a Pizza order for delivery. That would take too much time to explain but it’s covered on the Amazon Fire Stick page, so check it all out there.

So, the case is that you buy a Fire Stick for each TV and get the subscriptions you need – for most people that will be Amazon Prime and Netflix plus maybe one more. You’ll have almost all the TV that you were getting from cable, but you now cancel your cable deal.

You can save $1000’s over the next few years.

And, it’s not difficult. This Fire Stick is so, so easy to set up. As I said my 83 year old Pop mastered it instantly!

Of course, you might need a way to watch these services if you don’t have a TV that can stream services but want to keep some cable as well. Of course, that’s an option too and at $39.99 it is incredible value for the technology.

I’d recommend anyone to get a Fire TV stick and then see whether it might mean they can do without cable. To do that, grab an Amazon Prime trial free for a month as well to see what it has to offer (you can always cancel having had free TV and deliveries for a month!).

And the best thing is the Fire Stick is only $39.95.

Get Yours Here:

Click for more info on the Amazon Fire TV Stick

Why?: It really is amaz(on)ing and you could save $1,000’s!

AND…to get the most out of it, you’ll also want to trial Amazon Prime if you don’t have that already.

Prime gives you free next day delivery on almost everything you buy from Amazon, so if you buy a lot of stuff it can very quickly pay for itself.

And, then, on top of that, the whole Amazon Prime Video is included as well!

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February 24, 2017