Apple Launches the iPhone 4S

The new Apple CEO, Tim Cook introduced the next incarnation of the popular iPhone at a press conference at Apple HQ in Cupertino, Calif.

Speculators had been hoping for an entirely new phone, Apple instead revealed an updated version of the iPhone 4, with a faster processor, better camera, a fully operational antenna and other tid bits, which left many of us feeling rather disappointed in a lack of new design.

With one in four computers sold in America being a Mac, Apple are moving forward in leaps and bounds, now owning 70% of the portable music market with the iPod. Cook claimed that Apple leads the world in customer service.

The stalker-friendly “Find my Friends” app (intended for allowing you to locate your friends in the park, or make sure your children made it to school) comes with parental controls, which is also featured on the iCloud service, along with allowing users to store music, apps, books, TV shows etc.

New Camera Features

1. Better sensors on the new 8 megapixel camera, filters and a lens that is “30 percent sharper.”
2. The video camera now shoots in 1080p high definition.

More Information

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October 4, 2011