Apple TV in the iCloud

Holy Moly! Apple has added the option of Apple TV within the iCloud meaning we can now access TV shows along with iTunes, meaning movies is the only thing currently not automatically backed up to iCloud.

Here at iCloud Login, we are very excited to be able to re-download past television purchases and access them from iTunes, on Apple TV and within iOS devices.

Apple rolled out iTunes and iCloud integration in June, which gave us the ability to download our music purchases onto other devices and to automatically sync new purchases across all devices.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball ran a software update on his Apple TV 2 and found a new update that supported all purchased TV shows. The update, which includes updates for Vimeo, means you can buy new episodes directly from your Apple TV, as well as accessing and streaming any previous shows you have purchased on your iTunes account. These can then be accessed from not only your Apple TV, but also your iPhone or iPad too!

August 2, 2011