Apple Watch To Launch in March

We’ve been consistently told that the long awaited Apple Watch would be available in “early 2015”, and Angela Ahrendts, Senior Vice President of Retail announced to employees it was due to launch in Spring 2015. have announced Apple are preparing to invite employees from Apple Stores across the US to attend demonstrations in Apple offices in Austin, Cupertino and California to get to grips with the new Apple Watch and will be prepped to train their colleagues in the Apple Store upon their return.

The Apple Watch

Apple is in the process of testing the software, improving the battery life and it’s inductive charging abilities, and pending a smooth full scale testing programme (as long as nothing goes wrong with the software) the Apple Watch is set to be launched in March 2015.

Apple Watch Collections

The Apple Watch is set to arrive in 3 collections as depicted below:

1. Standard

With a polished stainless steel case and a sapphire crystal display screen, the standard Apple Watch model is still a very stylish device.

Standard Apple Watch

2. Sport

Made of anodised aluminium (lightweight) with a display screen strengthened by Ion-X glass and will be available in space grey and silver. The fluoroelastomer strap will be available in 5 colours. The price of the metal and glass sport model has been announced at $349.

Sport - Apple Watch


3. Edition

The Edition series will have an 18-carat gold watch case and a polished sapphire crystal display screen. The price is expected to be thousands of dollars.

Edition - Apple Watch

January 7, 2015

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