Brother Compact Wi-Fi Laser Printer – Up To 17% Off!

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This week’s tip is a belter – it has to be since we missed a week last week.

It was a Bank Holiday in the UK and we were eating a lot of chocolate and enjoying an unusually warm Spring weekend. Apologies.

So, this week’s deal is a cracker to make up for it.

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So, this week’s deal. It’s a 17% saving and it still costs $99.

So, why is this such a good deal?

Well, the item in question is one of the world’s best selling compact laser printers from Brother which is specifically designed for small and home offices and it’s rarely been below $100 before.

Things I love about this printer are:

  • As a benefit of being a laser (rather than the more costly ink jets) it’s cheap to run. Just 2.3 cents per page. And the toner is affordable too (It comes with a starter toner that’s good for a few hundred pages)
  • It’s also super easy to set up, and it works well and simply with most wireless networks and almost any laptop, smartphone, or tablet
  • It has intelligent printing direct from your iPhone with AirPrint – really great.
  • As a laser printer, it’s used to both running every day or sitting idle for weeks at a time, or anything in between.
    It does two-sided printing and print speeds are quick
  • It’s a mono (black and white only) printer. But that’s a good thing. Getting an affordable color printer costs 3 times as much to buy and to run!

Plus, this is so easy to set up. It’s Wi-Fi and will connect automatically on your network in minutes.

If all you need is a simple but reliable (and cheap to run) mono printer for running out documents, then this is a great choice.

And, just for peace of mind, this has been the Wirecutter’s ‘best laser printer’ pick for the last two years.

At this price I’m grabbing one.

List Price: $119.99
You Save:$20.00 (17%)

Get yours here:

Click for more info on the Brother Compact Wi-Fi Laser Printer


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April 21, 2017