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Can Thieves Bypass iCloud with iOS 7 Bug?

April 4, 2014

Oh no! It’s happened – one of the most awesome features of iCloud has hit a stumbling block. The Find My iPhone feature has become one of the most reliable features in tracking down thieves, but sadly due to a bug in iOS 7, it is now possible to bypass this feature (and delete your entire iCloud account) without needing a password.

But with this new bug, all thieves will need to do to avoid detection is to bypass the passcode section by selecting “delete account”, which automatically switches off Find My iPhone.

There are tonnes of ‘How To’ videos on Youtube, but hopefully these will prompt Apple to find a solution fast. In the meantime, keep your iPhones close to you, and keep the iPhone locked with a passcode so thieves won’t be able to access the bug!

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