Cloud Based Storage Solutions – Which is Best for Me?

The way technology is going, we are all going to be using cloud based storage in the future, so it’s important you choose a long term cloud-based storage solution that is going to work for you. Some people use all of the options. It depends on your needs. Personally, I use iCloud for backing up my contacts and information, Dropbox for remote working with larger files and content, iCloud Drive for backing up my music and Google Drive for sharing spreadsheet information with colleagues.

Most offer a free trial period, so it’s worth trying them all out and seeing what works best for you. There are quite different pricing options at present, but the most important consideration is the tools and services they offer, and how easy you find each service to use. This article will hopefully give you a better idea of how and when to use some of the key cloud based storage options on offer.

The difference Between iCloud and iCloud Drive

The basic difference is that iCloud is an automatic back up service, making sure you always have the latest versions of your applications, notes, contacts, and photo’s. It enables you to find your device if you’ve lost it using “Find My iPhone” or “Find My Mac” and to share photos and calendars with friends.

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January 2, 2015