Cloud Wars – Apple Vs Adobe

The big players in the Cloud game are up against eachother, with some really slick designs from very different processes drastically changing the way we manage our photo’s.

Both Apple’s iCloud and Adobe’s Lightroom allow you to view and edit your data on any device. Apple has dumped Aperture and iPhoto turning its attention to the new Photo’s app for iOS, and Adobe has made its desktop app Lightroom accessible to mobile devices.

Cloud storage has already changed the way we access, edit and organise our photographs, being able to access them from anywhere.

The forthcoming Apple Photo’s app as well as with Adobe Lightroom, users will be free to access, organise and edit the pictures from any device, and they will exist on the device and in the cloud simultaneously. There will be only one version, with no need to back up.

Photo App Pro'sLightroom Pro's
You Can browse all photo's and choose the on e you want.Once you have chosen which photo selection to sync to mobile they are automatically updated between your devices
Your library is shared across all iOS devicesLightroom for Mac will remain your main photo hub
RAW photos will be supportedExcellent Metadata access
Lossless edits will be syncedLossless edits will be synced
Photo App Con'sLightroom Con's
No access to metadataPhoto’s taken on iOS devices are synced back to the main desktop photo hub, but unless you specifically select to sync all photo collections, they won’t syncautomatically updated between your devices
If you do choose to sync them all, you are likely to clog up your device memory with duplicate copies across devices
You can’t browse all photo’s and choose the one you want
You can’t access all the editing tools available on the desktop version from the mobile version

With the new Photo’s app not yet released, we have to speculate on what we hope to see. We expect there will be some RAW editing abilities or a good integration with the tools available in Adobe’s Lightroom.

For more information on how Apple and Adobe are changing the way we manage our photo’s check out this interesting article in Cult of Mac.

July 2, 2014