Crosley Nomad USB Turntable – Up To 26% Off

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I’m old enough to have all the music of my youth on vinyl – or records as we used to call them!

And I will bore anyone who will listen with the view that vinyl really does sound better than CD or digital streaming. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of digital music and I use both Spotify and Apple Music…a lot!

But, the truth is vinyl does sound better – it’s simple physics that a full analogue sound is richer than even the highest quality digital file.

I still have a serious Hi-Fi in our house and we still play a lot of records.

And, of course, there’s still a lot of music that you simply cannot get on the streaming services – the older more obscure stuff that certain members of our household like to listen to!

That’s where a system like this Crosley Nomad USB turntable comes in.

Firstly, I absolutely love the way it looks!

Wrapped in something like a tweed fabric and styled with a definite 50’s feel, this is my kind of retro!

I’ve been looking at the reviews online and it seems that everyone likes the way this turntable sounds. That comes courtesy of the high quality Audio-Technica cartridge and the in-built speakers, but it also has RCA outs to hook up to an amp if you want.

However, the killer feature is that it is set up to ‘rip’ the music from your old records to any computer via its USB port and using the supplied software, so that you can easily get them in to your digital music library – so you get the best of both worlds.

Oh, and it’s portable too!

Check out this video for more:

I haven’t ordered one yet, but I’m just looking for an excuse and this current discount of a touch over $50 is going to swing it!

List Price: $199.95
Price: $147.68
You Save: $52.27 (26%)


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Click for more info on the Crosley Nomad USB Turntable
February 17, 2017