Don’t upgrade to iOS 8 Before Doing This

All of us at iCloud Login have been eagerly awaiting the launch of iOS 8 today, but before you upgrade, you need to know a few things about iCloud Drive.

1. Check what model of device you are using

iPhone 3 - Don't upgrade to iOS 8 Before Doing This

iOS 8 is only compatible with models higher than the iPhone 4S, the 5th Generation iPod Touch and the iPad 2, so if you are using a model earlier than those, don’t upgrade, it won’t work on your device.

2. Back up your Data to iCloud and/or your computer

Device backup - Don't upgrade to iOS 8 Before Doing This

We say this for every upgrade, but it’s amazing how many people forget to back up before hand. Make sure nothing gets lost by backing up first. You may have the back up set to automated backups, if not we’d recommend you do so by going to Settings>iCloud>Backup & Storage and select iCloud Backup.

3. Opt out of iCloud Drive

opt out of iCloud drive - Don't upgrade to iOS 8 Before Doing This

Once you have clicked to upgrade to iOS 8, you will be asked if you want to enable iCloud Drive, the new Apple cloud based storage platform (similar to Dropbox and Google Drive). This is very important – you want to select “Not now”.

iCloud Drive is only compatible with devices using OS X Yosemite (currently unavailable unless you got one of the public beta versions) and iOS 8. So basically if you do enable iCloud Drive, you won’t be able to sync any data between your devices and your laptop or desktop until Yosemite is released and you choose to upgrade to its operating system.

September 17, 2014