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I am in love with this gadget…!   I have always had a Dymo label printer in my life.   Weird?   Maybe – but I’ve always worked in offices and I’ve done more years filing and organising than I care to count – and I’m not even that organised.   So I’ve had one of those hand held Dymo labellers for as long as I can remember – going right back to the days of the physical tape with a dial wheel that raised a punched white lettering – OMG, I hadn’t even thought about those for years until now!   The thing is, in an office, there’s always things to label. Files, Drawers, dividers, bits of kit (‘Penny’s stapler – hands off!’- you k now, that kind of thing…!). I’m sure many folks get along handwriting the labels they need but I also know there are millions of folks, like me, whose lives have always had a Dymo in them.   Of course, I take this obsession home with me too – labelling everything I can in my kitchen cupboards, laundry and what have you. It’s also great for iron on name tags when you have kids in school – all the Moms know what I mean!   Anyway, Dymo have always been the go to answer for us neat freaks. Who knew there were so many things that 1cm wide sticky label strip was so essential for!   Over the years I’ve progressed from the dial wheel impression version through a series of handheld updates.   Dymo have made a few versions lately that plugged in to your computer but that never seemed right to me. There’s something about needing to have the printer in your hand and typing in your short label.   Well……they have now made the one Dymo to rule them all and I got mine this week.   It is AWESOME!!   Check out the video:
What you get is a standalone portable Dymo printer (that use the usual D1 cartridges – actually 12mm wide but I always think they are 1cm!).   This is then controlled by an App (which is free) for either iOS or Android.   That means I get to keep the hand held nature of the printer that I am so used to, but it means that Dymo can give me a lot more freedom to use different fonts and font sizes.   The app connects to the mini DymoMobile labeller using Bluetooth and it’s flawless in operation.   This labeller can, in fact, connect to your laptop as well if you want – although I haven’t tried it yet. Handheld using the app is the way for me.   I know not everyone reading this will understand how much I love this gizmo, but if you are a Dymo aficionado, grab this.   You will love it!  
List Price: $129.99
With Deal: $99.99
You Save: $30.00 (23%)
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Click for more info on the Dymo MobileLabeler Label Maker


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May 19, 2017