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I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions.

But I do do goals!

And, this year, I’ve had to admit that I need to take more exercise and get fitter.

I’m not training for a marathon or anything like that, but I am determined to make 2017 the year when I get fitter, healthier and committed to an exercise routine.

I’ve renewed my lapsed gym membership and am doing a small group training session with one of their instructors.

I was shocked to find that the other four people in the group all have fitness trackers.

None of these people are aiming to become super fit and have relatively modest goals like me.

The PT explained that the real benefit of using a fitness tracker comes in the way it encourages you to stay healthy all the time.

It makes you set goals and keeps you accountable throughout the day encouraging you to stick with it and aim for your goal.

It gets you moving and you quickly get accustomed to noticing whether you’ve done enough each day.

Then there’s the calorie counting and accountability functions.

In short, all these people in my class had them as the PT had told them when they joined that he knew from experience that those that wore them stuck with their health and fitness plan better, for longer and more easily.

So I’m taking the plunge and getting one.

The one that my PT recommended is the one that all the online reviews say is undoubtedly the best and……brilliantly……it’s on sale on Amazon this week.

It’s not a massive reduction – $20 – but what price can you put on staying fit and healthy?

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List Price: $149.95
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Click for more info on the Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate and Fitness Wristband
January 20, 2017