How To Move iWork files to iCloud

Are you storing Pages, Keynote and Numbers files locally or are you using iCloud to ensure they are making best use of Apple’s online Cloud sync service. Storing here enables you to open copies on any other Mac, on your iPhone, iPad and you can access it online via

Here’s How

  1. Launch Pages, Numbers or Keynote on your Mac
  2. Click ‘On My Mac’ in the documents window (at the top)
  3. Go to Pages, Numbers or Keynote
  4. Open the file you want to save to iCloud
  5. Click on ‘Title’ at the top
  6. Choose iCloud in the dropdown window
  7. Save (Command + S)

If you want to move a large amount of files from iWork to iCloud, there’s a shortcut, and it can be used from Pages, Numbers or Keynote files in one move:

  1. Open Pages, Numbers or Keynote
  2. Go to the ‘Open File’ window (Command + O)
  3. In the top left corner, select iCloud (not ‘On My Mac’)
  4. Go to Finder and locate your documents
  5. Select all files (Command + A)
  6. Drag files to move them all (or copy files to have in both locations) into the Open file window

Your iWork files will now be stored in iCloud and you can access them via or across any of your devices. 

April 18, 2014