How To Unlock a Hotel Room with your iPhone 6

Stevie Wozniak – one of Apple’s co-founders and a most excited technology geek, shows us how Starwood Hotels new SPG keyless security system works. You may remember we covered the exciting array of reasons behind why Apple Pay was one of the most secure payment systems available in our article ‘Why Apple Pay is the Fort Knox of Online Payment Security’ in which we discussed details of the secure element chip, token gesture, touch ID and cryptograms, many of the features that make the iPhone 6 one of the most James Bond phones that has ever existed.

But now, we can use it to get into hotel rooms as well!

If you’re planning to check into one of the Starwood Hotels, under the new scheme (and if you have an iPhone 6) you’ll be given a bluetooth key to unlock your hotel room. Once you’re all checked in online using your iPhone 6 NFC chip, you’ll receive your bluetooth key and all you need to do is hold it to the hotel room key reader…and you’re in!

What is an NFC Chip?

In case you need a quick reminder, NFC stands for Near Field Communications, and basically it is a secure way of identifying the user and linking them securely with their bank account and other information (like hotel booking).

Tech Radar have a good article covering what NFC is called ‘What is NFC and Why is it in your phone?’ which you can check out too.

Watch Stevie Use an iPhone 6 To Get into a Hotel Room

If you’re planning on giving this new technology a spin, check out Stevie Wozniak in action testing out the technology. Stevie is one of the co-founders of Apple, so he knows his gadgets. SPG keyless is planned for launch in over 150 hotels across the globe by Spring 2015.

Look at him go!

December 3, 2014