How to use iCloud – Video Training Course

iCloud can be daunting to set up and use. Lots of us get a set-up on our computer that we’re happy with and worry about changing stuff because we won’t like the new set-up. Or we worry that we’ll lose data or not be able to go back to old settings if we decide we preferred what we already had.

Well, that’s what I’m like!’s iCloud Course

So, simple instructions that show you step by step are always welcome. And that’s exactly what this course from Lynda does.

It’s a ‘How to use iCloud video training course’ that guides you through the process with very clear on screen instructions and it’s broken down into very easy to follow sensible chunks.

The course is written and presented by an expert from Macworld so you can assume that the quality won’t let you down.

Check out the course here on

December 4, 2012