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iCloud eBook

THE iCloud eBook – ‘Take Control of iCloud’

If you want the single best, most respected and most up to date guide to everything to do with iCloud, then Joe Kissell’s ‘Take Control of iCloud’ is your only choice.

Kissell gives you step by step instructions on how to set up iCloud on Mac, all iDevices (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch), as well as on Windows.
TCo iCloud 3.0 Cover for EPUB no ed tag 400px - iCloud eBookBut perhaps even more importantly, he answers the questions readers have been asking since the inception of iCloud:

  • What if I have multiple Apples IDs?
  • What if I share my Apple ID?
  • Should I buy more iCloud storage?
  • How does Family Sharing work?
  • What if I have more than one iCloud account?

And he answers these questions and countless more in a very thorough and easy to follow style.

It’s things like that which make this the only regularly updated book from a certifiable Apple and iCloud expert that we can endorse without any reservations.

The main reason that it is the accepted reference manual is that Joe runs the company that provides these in depth guides and it’s all he does. He therefore updates his guides regularly so that all the latest changes are always reflected in the version that you buy. It is now on Version 3.

Get it now for $15 / £11


That means that this latest version deals with new iCloud features and the issues of using iDrive, OSX and iOS8 and how those fit in the iCloud system. Although lots of the books listed below are now on updated versions, they are from the traditional publishing houses and so there are months between them being finished and on sale at Amazon.

Since Joe updates as soon as there is a change made to iCloud by Apple and publishes from his own site, none of the other books can hope to be as up to date as Joe’s book.

If you need a handbook to guide you through your use of iCloud in thorough and meticulous detail, then ‘Take Control of iCloud’ is your number one pick.

Get your copy here.

‘Take Control of iCloud’

iCloud may seem simple, but astonishing complexity lurks below the surface, especially for those who have relied on Apple’s Internet services for years.

This essential title from best-selling author Joe Kissell tells you what hardware and software you need to set up and use iCloud successfully on Macs, iOS devices, second-generation Apple TVs, and Windows-based PCs.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, new to Apple or an old hand (even if you’re one of the few that hasn’t yet dealt with moving from an old MobileMe account), this eBook has the best advice you need to get started.

With setup completed, Joe’s updated 3rd Edition of his book will teach you ALL you need to know to master the key aspects—and hidden gotchas—of iCloud’s core features: iCloud Drive, iTunes in the Cloud; iTunes Match, iCloud Backup, Photo Stream, Documents in the Cloud, Find My iPhone, Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and more.

Also problematic are Apple IDs, and with this eBook you’ll learn how to set up the new Family Sharing options as well as work around problems with shared Apple IDs, non-email Apple IDs, multiple Apple IDs, MobileMe Family Pack accounts, and more.

Get it now for $15 / £11


Take Control of iCloud will teach you how to handle many aspects of iCloud, including:

    • iCloud Web site: Learn what you can and can’t do in iCloud’s Web-based interface for Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Find My iPhone, and iWork documents.
    • iCloud Drive: What is iCloud Drive and how is that different from iCloud? Making the most of all types of documents and sharing in iCloud Drive.
    • iTunes in the Cloud: Learn how to turn on automatic downloads so nearly anything you buy from Apple—music, apps, and ebooks, though not TV shows or movies—appears on all your devices. You’ll also learn how to re-download previously purchased items (including TV shows, for those with accounts in the U.S. iTunes Store).
    • Family Sharing: How to set up and  get the most from this new method of sharing Apps and music with all your family.
    • iCloud Backup: Find out what data on your iOS device backs up, how to handle your backup, and—most importantly—how to restore your backup after a problem!
    • Photo Stream: Having all your recent photos appear on all your devices sounds great, but there are gotchas. Joe explains how the 1,000-photo and 30-day limits work, as well as what’s necessary to get a truly embarrassing photo out of your Photo Stream.
    • Documents in the Cloud: Start changing your habits and expectations as your documents begin living in the cloud and within apps instead of on a local disk. But beware, since Documents in the Cloud isn’t always seamless, with both manual effort required and data loss possible at the moment.
    • Calendar and Contacts: Find directions for working with iCloud’s Calendar and Contacts Web applications, along with pointers on the relatively few ways they differ from the Mac’s iCal and Address Book and from iOS 5’s Calendar and Contacts apps. Learn how to handle invitations to calendar events, plus get guidance on how reminders work within iCloud’s calendaring system.
    • Mail: As with Calendar and Contacts, Joe explains how to set up and use iCloud’s Web-based Mail app, which is similar to the iOS Mail apps.
    • Find My…: Learn how to use Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Mac to locate a device that’s gone missing, and get an overview of how you can keep track of friends and family with the new Find My Friends iOS app.
    • Back to My Mac: With Back to My Mac, you can connect to your Mac at home or the office over the Internet and use both file sharing and screen sharing just as though you were on the same network. Joe explains the basics.

If you’re in any doubt about Joe’s knowledge of iCloud and the depths to which he goes to cover this subject, take a few minutes to watch a bit of this video interview that he recently did with MacVoices when he released this latest 3rd Edition of the book.

Joe is the real expert!

Get it now for $15 / £11


Read this book to learn the answers to questions such as:

  • What are iCloud’s primary features?
  • How do I set up iCloud-based calendar and contact syncing on my iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch?
  • How do I share calendars with people who are not using iCloud?
  • How quickly should I expect iCloud to sync my data?
  • How do I configure my email software to use my iCloud email address?
  • How do I add files to my Photo Stream from Windows?
  • How can I configure my AirPort Extreme to work with Back to My Mac?

You don’t have to read ‘Take Control of iCloud’ in any specific order. You can jump around or skip sections to find the specific help you need – and, have no doubt, whatever you need, it will be in here!

However, reading the entire book is going to give you total iCloud confidence and mnake your whole digital set up so much easier to handle.

Very helpfully, all thereferences to other parts of the book are hyperlinked so readers can click and easily get to that section.

Technology changes in a blink of an eye – especially in the Apple world! – and it can be difficult to find the information you seek without visiting hundreds of web sites, which may only answer part of the question you have.

We highly recommend buying and reading ‘Take Control of iCloud’. It’s a small investment that will have you feeling much more comfortable using iCloud.

Get it now for $15 / £11