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iCloud Family Sharing Coming to Apple TV

June 20, 2014

iCloud Family Sharing

It would seem that Apple TV’s most recent beta is bringing iCloud Family Sharing (iOS 8’s exciting new feature) to Apple TV in the very near future. This would mean that users could access movies, music and shared photo’s on all iCloud devices within a family’s shared iCloud network from the Apple TV.

How Will it Work?

It does mean the family account will need to share one credit card for accessing iTunes, iBooks and the App Store, but would bring together purchases made by different members of the family into one accessible living-room library. Calendar and Reminders can also be shared with the whole family. You will be able to share content from up to 6 users, provided you are running iOS 8 or OS X 10.10 (aka Yosemite). Support will also be limited to 3rd Generation Apple TVs, so if you’re using a 1st or 2nd Generation device you may be left a little short.

Apple TV - iCloud Family Sharing Coming to Apple TV

When Can We Get It?

As with all the new products announced at this year’s WWDC event, we expect it to be available in fall!

The beta is expected to have some flaws – reports of stuttering pictures and crashing taking users back to the main screen, but we expect these will be fixed prior to the release in Fall.

Keep checking our website for updates!

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