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iCloud Guide – New & Updated – Get It Now

October 28, 2015

Finally, we ‘re ready to unleash the long awaited updated Second Edition of our free comprehensive guide to iCloud – ‘iCloud : 10 Essential Tips (Second Edition)

the nu icloud book 250 - iCloud Guide - New & Updated - Get It Now

It’s taken us a long time to get this updated version finished and ready for all our readers to dive in and learn everything (yes, literally everything) that you need to know about setting up and using iCloud.

The original version of the iCloud guide wasn’t a bad first effort, but this edition is a completely different beast altogether. Improved in every area.

Longer and More Detail

For a start, this updated guide is more than twice as long as the original. That added content isn’t any fluff though. We went back to a clean sheet and rewrote the whole book, and we took a more detailed approach.

The aim of this new edition is to give you less general advice but rather to give you much more help – we lead you though setting up and using iCloud step by step.

And, before we do any of that, we spend time explaining what iCloud actually is and what it does for you and why Apple is so keen for all of us to use it! (See page 4 but also the key information on page 7).

We know that a vast majority of our readers get very frustrated with iCloud  and don’t really know where to begin.

For many of us, it’s as if we press a few options agreeing to use iCloud when we get a new Apple device and then we don’t think about it much until we have a major data crash or lose an iPhone.

Then we wish we’d understood iCloud a lot more!

Well, it is a little confusing, but we realised that the first step to being less worried about iCloud is understanding it on a simple level, getting to grips with that and then moving on to use more of its functions when you’re ready.

And that’s how the new version of our guide is laid out.

Ten Detailed Sections

Then, of course, there are more detailed sections on using iCloud if you have a Windows PC, using the much improved and expanded iCloud Drive, using Mail with iCloud and more.

Plus there’s the section where we deal with the topic that we get more emails about than anything else – iCloud and Photos.

How to get your photos off your iPhone safely and into iCloud so that your device isn’t always full and how best to use the storage in iCloud for your photos are covered. But also we clear up the confusion between the various ways you can use iCloud to store photos. One way makes sense to us, but the other means you could lose some older photos!

And, we also talk about pretty much our favourite App that automatically backs up all your photos in a third place so if your iPhone or iPad loses them and if your syncing of photos to iCloud fails, you’ll still have them on a hard drive somewhere else. This is such a great App, that we all use it here. I cannot praise it highly enough (Read all about it on page 19 of the guide).

iOS 9 & iCloud – Covered

And, of course, just when we were wrapping up the second edition of our iCloud guide, Apple decided to release iOS 9 which meant a bunch of updates to the content of the guide.

Suffice to say, this Second Edition now covers the very latest version of iOS 9 and all the changes that brought for iCloud (for example, the new iCloud Drive App is explained on page 13).

On top of that, if you joined the mailing list since the beginning of October, you will have received an early version of this Second Edition but we have tweaked it in response to your feedback. So, thanks to you early readers.

We encourage all our readers to pick up this Second Edition of the guide – if you aren’t on the mailing list, click below to sign up and get the guide.

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