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iCloud Photos

With iCloud Photo Stream all your pictures will seamlessly sync across all devices (as long as you set them all up to do this).

It just takes all of the hassle out of photo sharing.

How to Set Up My Photo Stream

First things first, you’re going to need to switch on My Photo Stream in each device you want it to work from.

So below, we’ve set out a step by step guide to doing this on a variety of devices.

1. In iOS 8

Go to Settings>iCloud>Photos>Turn on My Photo Stream

2. In iOS 7

Go to Settings>Photos & Camera>Turn on My Photo Stream

3. In Apple TV

Go to Settings>iCloud>Sign In>

Press the centre button on your Apple TV remote and follow the instructions, entering your Apple ID and password (which, if you have read our iCloud Password page, you will know how to create and keep safe).

Go to iCloud Photo Settings>Press centre button of Apple remote>Turn On My Photo Stream>Press centre button of remote again

4. On a Mac using iPhoto

Open iPhoto>Source List>iCloud>Use iCloud

If you already have photos on a device which has My Photo Stream enabled, then pictures on that device will automatically appear in iPhoto.

You can change these settings if you want, by going to iPhoto>Preferences>iCloud.

5. On a Mac using Aperture

Go to Aperture>Preferences>iCloud>Switch My Photo Stream on

My Photo Stream has been designed to be used with one iPhoto library or Aperturn library at a time, so basically if you switch it on in iPhoto, you will effectively turn it off in Aperture, and vice versa.

6. On a PC with iCloud Installed

Open iCloud for Windows>switch onPhotos

If you want to change the location your photos automatically save to click Options>Change>choose your folder>click OK.

More about My Photo Stream

Once you’ve turned My Photo Stream on, any new photos you take will be uploaded to iCloud and shared across your devices as long as you’re connected to the internet wirelessly (via Wi-Fi).

You will be able to use this feature across all devices you have connected to your iCloud account including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, PC and Apple TV.

Here’s a quick iCloud Photos Tutorial video:



PhotoSync is a great app which lets you transfer your photos wirelessly from and to your Mac, PC, iOS device or cloud. Get Photosync here.

Here’s a video showing how to get photo’s onto iCloud Photo Stream using PhotoSync:


How to Share My Photo Stream

Let’s face it, it’s pretty rare that we take pictures that we don’t want anyone to see (though we all know there are occasions), but one of the most common things we do is show our photos to friends and family.

So knowing how to share My Photo Stream is pretty important. And pretty easy too.

Once you have shared an album, friends and family (or whoever you share it with) can post comments and share videos and photos with the same album.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Choose the pics/videos you want to share
  2. Create a shared folder (or add to an existing one)
  3. Invite your chosen friends/family to subscribe

If you happen to be sharing it with people who don’t have iCloud (like, grandparents?) they’ll be able to view them via a web link.

iCloud Photo Limitations

You can upload as many photo’s you like within reason. But there are a few limitations, so don’t add years worth of pics in one go.

You’re allowed to upload up to 1000 photo’s to My Photo Stream per hour, up to 10,000 per day and 25,000 per month.

For a more detailed look at what iCloud Photos can do, check out the Apple page here.

And iMore have a great “Everything you need to know about your iCloud Photo Library available here.