Extra Security: 10 Apps That Improve Your iPhone or iPad’s Privacy

Apple products are notoriously secure. It’s usually not the phones making errors, it’s the humans. We do silly things like pick easy passwords, accidentally share usernames, click suspicious links, and so on.

Generally speaking, if you’re aware of the security risks presented by the internet, you’re already leagues ahead of most. A little common sense goes a long way.

That doesn’t mean you don’t need a little extra help though! There are apps specifically designed to make securing your data easy and effective. Take a look through our top ten picks and see for yourself.

Onion Browser

img  onion - Extra Security: 10 Apps That Improve Your iPhone or iPad’s Privacy

The Onion Browser is a free, open-source browser that uses Tor to bypass censorship and access the internet securely and privately. Tor was developed for the military, but became a public browser in 2002.

The Daily Sot calls it “The best Tor-related offering on iOS” and it’s been featured in The New York Times, The Guardian, Salon, and more. It’s a reliable and well-respected app.

When you browse with Tor, websites don’t see your real IP address, they don’t track your browsing, and you can access Tor-only .onion pages.

The only problem with the Onion Browser is that it is quite a bit slower than other browsers. It doesn’t play videos and other media very well either.


img  1password - Extra Security: 10 Apps That Improve Your iPhone or iPad’s Privacy

Okay, 1Password is the best. If you’re making secure, unique passwords for all of your important websites and accounts, it quickly becomes impossible to remember them all. I’ve even forgotten my Apple ID several times.

1Password does what the name implies – it creates unique, secure passwords for you, keeps them all in one place, and then you just use one master password for everything.

It also keeps your usernames and credit card numbers. The app syncs across computers and devices. It’s great.

It also sends you alerts when one of your accounts becomes compromised. It’s all doubly secured with two-factor authentication and your Touch ID.

It’s a wonderful tool for staying organized and secure.


img  1blocker - Extra Security: 10 Apps That Improve Your iPhone or iPad’s Privacy

1Blocker is a one-stop shop for secure browsing, ad blocking, and tracker blocking. It’s the fastest blocker out there, can be full integrated with Safari, and is completely supported by users. There are no ‘acceptable ads’.

The app works by combining the power of 40 000 separate blocker. This gives you the freedom to block pretty much any type of content.

1Blocker doesn’t just protect your privacy, it also saves battery life, bandwidth, and data usage – sometimes by over 50%.

When you want to hide an ad or an annoying piece of web content, just tap on it and it will be blocked. You have a lot of freedom: you can whitelist websites you love and want to support, and your preferences are synced across devices.

It’s been featured in The New York Times, TechCrunch, Lifehacker and many more. It’s a great app.


img  vpn - Extra Security: 10 Apps That Improve Your iPhone or iPad’s Privacy

VPN by NordVPN is the best way to protect your information when you are browsing on a public wifi connection. We all know that it’s unwise to access information like banking on a public connection, but sometimes we have no choice.

Using a VPN routes your internet connection through a proxy server, making your data secure.
This way, you IP address is hidden and is substituted with a NordVPN address. This makes you anonymous.

There are over 700 secure servers on this VPN network, and you can choose the one that makes sense for you.


img  signal - Extra Security: 10 Apps That Improve Your iPhone or iPad’s Privacy

Signal is a very cool new private messaging app. It allows you to communicate with friends or business associates over data (avoiding long distance SMS fees) in complete privacy.

The app is encrypted end to end and does not have any access to read your messages. It uses your existing phone number and contact book, there are no separate logins or anything.

It’s totally free and open source. This means the you could go check out the source code to make sure they are being honest about their encryption.

The app is fast and crystal clear. You can make phone calls, send texts, make group chats, and more. If you don’t like having sending messages with iMessage, Signal is for you.


img  keeply - Extra Security: 10 Apps That Improve Your iPhone or iPad’s Privacy

Everyone keeps photos, notes, passwords, credits cards, maybe some embarrassing love poems, on their phone. The frustrating thing is keeping your private things private.

There’s no built-in private storage app on your iPhone, but if you were to want one, get the Keeply app.

It’s simple: a Touch ID/4 digit PIN protected place to store sensitive information. It’s encrypted end to end, synced across devices, and stores the data of over 40000 people.

Without a doubt the best lock app.


img  lookout - Extra Security: 10 Apps That Improve Your iPhone or iPad’s Privacy

Lookout was originally designed to protect users against the Pegasus attack. This was spyware being used against high-value iPhone users. Since then, Apple has fixed this security problem, but Lookout remains a leading security app.

It has become a catch all for security. Protecting your against data loss, theft, and other threats.

The app will locate your phone from anywhere, save your phone’s location before the battery dies, back up your contacts, and show you the distance between your phone and you Apple Watch anytime.

From lookout.com, you can locate your missing device, send a loud alarm to your device (even if it’s on silent), call your device from the web, display a ‘lost’ message, and more. It’s like

Find My iPhone Pro.

Silent Phone

img  silent phone - Extra Security: 10 Apps That Improve Your iPhone or iPad’s Privacy

Silent phone is a very simple app that encrypts your voice, video and text messaging. Both parties must be using the app for it to work, but if that’s the case you have total privacy on your call.

The app offers conventional phone features like voicemail, conference calling, and more modern features like pdf sharing.


img  spideroakone - Extra Security: 10 Apps That Improve Your iPhone or iPad’s Privacy

SpiderOakONE is a secure cloud alternative for ultra-secure backups. You can back up both computers and iOS device to the cloud and access them from anywhere.

You can also create ShareRooms, where you store documents and share them with others via a secure link.

It’s a really fast way to keep files synced across devices and works with Mac, Windows, and Linux – great for business.

The company has been around for a decade and has established themselves as trustworthy and reliable.


img  zero - Extra Security: 10 Apps That Improve Your iPhone or iPad’s Privacy

Zero is a third party email service that was designed with two things in mind: Artificial Intelligence for productivity and privacy.

The app has built in AI that works on your phone, not on the cloud. You email is stored on your phone, not in the cloud, making it more secure.

The inbox is beautifully designed, and depending on how you use email, can be changed to suit your style. You can view it in a classic inbox, in a very quick ‘triage mode’, or see the inbox organized by senders.

It has a built-in calendar, an easy button to unsubscribe from annoying lists, and bunch of smart built-in templates for emails.

Zero is designed to be a safe way to make email better.

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May 24, 2017