iOS 8 Bug Seriously Messing with iCloud Drive

Despite numerous promises from Apple that none of your data or documents will be deleted in iCloud Drive, the iOS 8 bug has caused exactly that to happen to a number of users as reported in MacRumours forums.

We recently published an article entitled ‘Don’t Upgrade to iOS 8 Before Doing This’ detailing how to opt out of using iCloud Drive until OS X Yosemite is made public, as we predicted issues trying to save documents from all your devices until all devices were compatible with iCloud Drive. If you did that, you probably aren’t experiencing this problem just now. For those of you who didn’t, you need to keep reading!

Do Not Hit ‘Reset All Settings’

Hitting this will erase your iCloud Drive! The good news is, that because most people will be a little nervous about hitting the ‘Reset All Settings’ button anyway, only a small number of users should be affected. But if you do use the new technology in iWork, this is a really worrying issue to have. Due to a dramatic error in the notification, it states “No data or media will be deleted”. Sadly this is entirely wrong. The bug is actively deleting all iCloud data.

iCloud drive iOS 8 bug - iOS 8 Bug Seriously Messing with iCloud Drive

We recommend you do not touch ‘Reset All Settings’ until a permanent solution to the issue is discovered. It is currently only affecting iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users.

Targeting iWork

According to forum users who have been stung by this problem, the bug is targeting documents saved to iCloud Drive via iWork. If you have lost important iWork files, we recommend you contact Apple directly to see if they can help you to restore your files. If you use Time Machine, or backed up your files before upgrading to iOS 8 (which we recommended in this article), then you should be ok!

Good luck.


October 1, 2014