iOS7 – The Golden Era

Behold my pretties, the shiny new iOS 7 has been born, with a drastically modified interface, this new operating system features a number of new wallpapers, ringtones, transparent animations, alert tones, a new Control Centre…and on and on… It will be available for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad third and fourth generation, the iPad mini, and the iPod touch fifth generation.

The brand spanking new interface of iOS 7 has loads of new and exciting ways to control the phone. We read with enthusiasm an article over at detailing all of the exciting facts. But it’s a long read, so we thought we’d give you the highlights!

Release Date

At the iPhone launch, Apple announced that the iOS 7 release date was September 18th.


The iOS7 preview we directed you to in June 2013. seems to have got a lot of things right with the description given of the preview shown.

To read the full article, check out Mark’s article at

This is a super-modified new operating system.

Control Centre

The Control Centre has been given a complete overhaul, swiping up from anywhere on the screen will bring up a new hub with a myriad of options.


Finally, we can use Airdrop on iDevices, allowing us to share anything from a Share Sheet supporting app by tapping the screen.

Gesture Control

Some of the new moves we’ll be getting to grips with in the coming months will be ‘edge swipe’, ‘corner swipe’ and ‘press and hold’.

Music and iTunes Radio

Calling iOS 7 “the best music player we have ever done”, Apple bring a music app which adds all the music in your iCloud to the list view, allowing access to all your tracks from one place.


The Tab system has been updated so we’re no longer are limited to eight tabs, as the new 3D rendering will allow you practically limitless tabs open at once, which can also be synchronised across multiple accounts and machines thanks to iCloud Tabs. Yippee!


The camera app has been simplified, with more gesture controls, new lens shapes, live photo filters and zoom effects in video!


Siri has new voices – woohoo! You can choose from male or female intonation, and French and German languages have been added, as well as a plethora of new commands and you can even ask “what is lady gaga singing?” which I’m sure many of us are desperate to find out.

iOS in the Car

Car manufacturers are now able to integrate the iOS7 operating system with built-in screens in vehicles, as well as Siri support for eyes-free usage. The car will be able to read iMessages to you and allow you to dictate a response, as well as use other features such as accessing Maps for directions and playing music.

To read the full article at Tech Radar, click here

September 11, 2013