Is Apple Making Less Durable Products?

Better Design, Better Functionality, Poorer Durability?

We’ve seen a lot of reports since last week about the durability of Apple’s sleek new designed products, and the repairability of those. And it’s got us wondering…is Apple, in improving it’s functionality and design features, losing sight of longevity and durability?

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Bless this Aussie kid (aka Jack Cooksey), who slept all night outside the Apple store in Perth Australia, got out with the first iPhone 6…and dropped it!

Does the iPhone 6 Pass the Drop Test?

Phonebuff blogger Dave Rahimi, who was the first guy in the world to buy the iPhone 6, performs the official drop test on the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

His tests reveal that the iPhone 6 Plus is not designed for the clumsy handed person. Check out his video below:

iFixit and the Retina Macbook Pro

The fabulous gadget guys over at Fixit (as shown in this article on Cult of Mac) found that the battery had actually shrunk in both the 13 inch and 15 inch retina Macbook Pro models, and almost everything about its design made it less easily repairable.

Are Apple Losing Sight of their Market?

Canadian Investment Bank RBC Capital Markets, surveyed 6000 people about new Apple products and found that only 11% plan to buy an Apple Watch. The same survey showed only 16% of respondents were keen to use Apple Pay when it becomes available.

So has Apple lost sight of longevity across all of its new designs? Time will tell. Perhaps longevity isn’t seem as important in an age of ever evolving technology. And less lucrative for the technology provider if their products last for a long time. Plus… why would you need Apple Care if the products were durable?

September 19, 2014