Could This iPhone Case Save Your Life?

Indiegogo have designed a really interesting “Lifesaver” phone case.

“A few years ago, a man accosted my 12 year old daughter on her way to school and tried to get her into his vehicle. It truly is a parent’s worst nightmare and even though we hear stories on the news constantly, it’s one of those things you think will never happen to you. I was equally as horrified when I started to research the statistics on violent crimes – particularly those against women, children and the elderly. When I realized there was nothing on the market to address the issue – I went to work. $100,000, and 2 years later, the Lifesaver Case is ready to do just that.” Jon Powell, Founder

Looking at the time and effort it takes to call 911 on an iPhone – whether or not it’s locked with a pin code, it still takes a long time, time that you may not have in an emergency. This phone sends an immediate signal to 911 in an emergency, giving them all your vital information, and using the Lifesaver app alongside it, it will switch on your camera and recording devices to record evidence.


  1. Push and slide to unlock safely switch prevents accidental activation
  2. Compatible with iPhone 4, 4s, 5 and 5c
  3. High impact resistant polycarbonate provides full iPhone protection from top to bottom
  4. Free companion App runs in the background without draining battery
  5. Dual enhanced speaker ports for improved sound quality
  6. Optimized camera and flash opening
  7. Car and AC charger adapted for micro USB included
  8. Designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States



“Gives your smart phone a dedicated panic button” Tech Crunch

“The Lifesaver iPhone Case Could, Well, Save Your Life” Macgasm

“…secretly send out an emergency alert.” The Next Web

They have finished the design for the case, so they are now crowd funding this project.

Click here to get involved and order yours.

March 5, 2014