Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter – Up to 35% Off!

We’ve covered various wireless speakers that you can connect to your iPad or iPhone over Bluetooth or Apple’s airplay before on the Friday Deal.

But what if you have an old dock with the original iPod/iPhone connector (the big one before the lightning connector) or an old stereo that you want to stream music to?

Well, the answer is a simple Bluetooth or WiFi or Airplay receiver that you can plug in to your dock or stereo (or even your TV).

I have previously had a WIFI/Airplay solution (this one from airmusic) and it’s just ‘OK’. It often drops its WiFi connection and just winds me up.

So, I am taking my own advice today and I’m going to pick up one of these Logitech Bluetooth boxes. So, it doesn’t have airplay, but I’m thinking that might actually be an advantage. Simple is as simple does!

It has a 3.5mm output and the better quality RCA outputs for those with a Hi-Fi. And the reviews are outstanding.

At 35% off in the US store, it’s now only $26. That is a mega deal if ever I’ve seen one.

One note – if our link takes you to the UK store, you’ll see this at £59 – no deal (sad face). But, I just went through the bother of setting up a US Amazon account as this ships from Amazon.com to the UK for only $12.74 extra. That keeps it very cheap – and much cheaper than I can get it here!

I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

List Price: $39.99
Price: $26.00
You Save: $13.99 (35%)
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February 19, 2016