Logitech K810 Bluetooth Illuminated Wireless Keyboard for PCs, Tablets, Smartphones – Up to 24% Off!

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Today’s second deal is this ridiculously good wireless keyboard from Logitech.

The Logitech K810 is so good that we have three in the office and I have two at home!!! You can see the two I have at home in the photo below on my stupidly cramped deskspace!

Why are they so good?

Well, firstly they work perfectly and without a hitch. I’ve never had a problem with them at all. They are wireless (Bluetooth) and rechargeable (with a USB cable from your computer) and the typing action is spot on. We write a LOT, so we need reliable keyboards with good action and this K810 has it in spades.

Then there’s three things I love.

The K810 has the ability to link and switch between three devices with a simple touch of a button. This means that I can use it as my keyboard for my MacBook, my iPad and my iPhone at the touch of a button.

Seeing as I’m no spring chicken, I find that typing long text messages or What’s App messages on my iPhone is a pain with the screen keyboard, but with the K810 when I’m at my desk I just flick to that and use it. Meaning it’s so much easier to type longer messages on my iPhone.

Then, the other thing I love is that it’s so portable. Flick the off switch and I can pop it in the smallest bag so that I have it with me for when I work out of the office. It’s small, but perfectly formed.

And, lastly, it has a great backlight! This might not be a big deal for some but when I work in the evening I like the fact that I can easily see the keys in dim light.


Overall, I (and the rest of the team here) love these keyboards (see above image!) and they get our very strongest recommendation.

The reason they make the Friday Deal is that today Amazon has them on offer at 24% off.

List Price: $99.99
Price: $76.17
You Save: $23.82 (24%)

Get yours here:

Click for more info on the Logitech K810 Bluetooth Illuminated Wireless Keyboard
November 4, 2016

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