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Making iCloud Folders in Mavericks

August 6, 2014

If you use iCloud as your main storage for document storage, you’ll be well aware of how quickly the document browser inside an Open or Save dialogue box can become completely choc-a-block.

The best workaround for this is to make folders for the iCloud documents, which isn’t quite as straightforward as you might expect. It’s a bit more like making a folder on your iOS device for apps, though it’s worth keeping in mind that not all apps will have iCloud storage options. However, when we get to OS X Yosemite stage, iCloud Drive will make all of this possible.

How to Make iCloud Folders in OS X Mavericks

  1. Choose your iCloud compatible app
  2. Go to the File window and select ‘Open’ or ‘Save’
  3. Click on the iCloud tab which will open the iCloud file manager
  4. Choose two files which will go into the new folder, and drag one on top of the other.
  5. This will automatically create a new folder
  6. Name the folder
  7. Drag any other files you’d like to keep in the folder into the newly named folder

If you want to delete an iCloud folder, just remove the files from the folder and it will automatically delete.

Newer versions of OS X allow you to move files from your Mac straight into iCloud

How to Move Files to iCloud Super Fast in OS X

  1. When you’re in the file you want to move, click on the file name in the title bar
  2. In the sub-menu select ‘Move to iCloud’
  3. You’ll be prompted to confirm this move, so select ‘Move to iCloud’ if you are sure you want to move the file destination.

An alternative option is to select File>Move to>iCloud

As long as you are online, your file will automatically and immediately move to iCloud.

For more information, check out this video:




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