Manfrotto Tripod Stand for Universal Cell Phone – Up to 10% Off!

If you’re an iPhone picture taking addict then there’ll be times that you could do with something to steady your device.

If you’re trying to take a group selfie, the perfect landscape photo or maybe a night time shot a tripod comes in very handy.

This Pixi Smart tripod from very well respected accessories firm Manfrotto comes with an adjustable grip that will take all iPhones (including the 6 Plus – as long as you don’t have a bulky case on it!).

It’s well made, classy and does the job of gripping your iPhone and providing a stable base. There’s a rotating ball joint to make adjusting the angle of your shot super simple.

A 5 star special!

List Price: $39.00
Price: $34.93 
You Save: $4.07 (10%)

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March 4, 2016