Mother’s Day Deals 2017

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Something a little bit different this week.   Part of my job every week is to scour various online deals and sites looking for the things that we tip for The Friday Deal.   As often as possible, we either tip something we own and use or we buy something to test for the following week.   Invariably I end up on Amazon. I’m a Prime customer – which I love – and most of the time they have the product we want to recommend at the best price.   Well, this week I’ve been looking and I noticed that they’ve created a whole section for Mother’s Day.   Not everything is a special deal but a lot of things are.   I’ve had a good root around and I think there’s a lot of great deals in there that I’d love to have bought for me – unfortunately, we had our Mother’s Day in the UK in March but I will be making sure my kids see this in any case – you never know!!   So, today, I’m just giving you a nudge not to forget your Mom – it’s Mother’s Day in the US next Sunday – 14th May.   Or, if you’re a Mom, just forward on this page to your kids! A little hint can’t hurt….   I focussed on the ‘Gadgets’ section of the Amazon Mother’s Day offer as that’s where I’m usually checking out their offers anyway.   If I was expecting a tech gift from my kids there’s a bunch of great things I’d like:   This classy grey fabric Voova laptop sleeve/bag – 53% off. Smart but useful and a bargain. A great gift.   laptop case - Mother’s Day Deals 2017  
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  This Delonghi Espresso Maker – 22% off. I love great coffee and this looks like it would do the job.   coffee - Mother’s Day Deals 2017  
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  And that’s just the two things that caught my eye in a quick look over the Amazon special Mother’s Day offer.   Then again – if I started looking around the other areas of the Mother’s Day offers, I’m spoiled for choice.   Make life easy on yourself if you need to buy a Mother’s Day gift and check out all the offers Amazon have put together.  
List Price: $Various
With Deal: $Many discounts
You Save: Your Mum’s Special Day!
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Click for more info on special Mother’s Day Deals 2017


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If you didn’t read that and take advantage of the deal, then click the big orange button below and check that out as well. It’s genuinely fantastic, costs nothing and is, as we Brits say, a ‘no-brainer’!

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May 5, 2017