New iBooks Version 3.0 Now Adds iCloud Purchase History

It was a big day for Apple yesterday with most of it’s product range updated, there was also some significant upgrades to some of it’s main applications, notably IBooks.

The updated app now has better integration with iCloud, including showing books purchased across your iTunes account on one shelf.  Also added is a new scroll theme that allows users to “scroll vertically through books with the flick of a finger”—infinite scrolling. It’s a feature that will make one handed use of   the iPad mini a pleasure to use.

Within the 3.0 update, iBooks now have 40 more languages, including: Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Apple also updated its iBooks Author software with new features this afternoon.

On the Social side, users can now share their favorite quote over Facebook and Twitter—a much-requested feature among the more hardcore readers.

You can update right now on your iOS device from the App Store.

October 24, 2012