New Photo Editing App – for Free!

We just came across a brilliant new app from an App developer in Australia, that is free for a few days.

You can grab it here.

All three of us that run the site used to work in the music industry (we mentioned that on the About page) so we noticed this app when it was launched today.

It is very obviously aimed at musicians to help them design record sleeves – so do pass it on to any musicians you know.

But, as soon as I downloaded it, I noticed that you could use it for so much more, even if you’re not a musician – which I am not.

What I like about it is that it’s very, very easy to use. You can add text over a photo and add bits of art from the App that they provide.

But, you can also add your own pictures on top of one another. If you know what a ‘PNG’ file is, that means you can add your logo or something to a picture. Great for us when we’re making pictures for Instagram.

It then has the kind of functions you’d expect like frames to go around the picture and filters.

It’s really incredible how easy it is to make something that looks really good really quickly and without scratching your head – at all.

A rare thing to find an app that is very obvious to use!

Then the kids got hold of it and they loved it too.

So that’s it.

Just a great free app that you can use to do all sorts of things with your photos. It’s well worth a look – especially as it’s free right now.

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Here’s their video that tells you what it can do.


December 1, 2015