Opera Coast for iPhone

For those of you new to Opera Coast, it is a mindblowing new web browser for iPad and iPhone offering quick web content which is automatically refreshed constantly so you don’t have to keep hitting ‘refresh’.

The software is designed specifically for your iPhone or iPad and will leave you wondering why you haven’t had a browser like this before. Get fresh, fast web content, constantly updated and always safe, with the browser that others wish they could’ve made.

Only 7 months into the launch of Opera Coast, it launches a new version for iPhone with iCloud syncing and relies almost completely on gesture based navigation – there are barely any buttons to press. This version importantly adds iCloud syncing for improved convenience.

Unfortunately Apple won’t be able to use it as a default browser until they change their policy, with so many apps already integrating with Chrome and Safari, but it’s a hurdle they will I’m sure be able to handle.

It’s a very different web browser. Check it out in the Youtube video below, and let us know what you think:

April 25, 2014