Our BEST Friday Deal – Ever!

This week’s Friday Deal is a little different.

We know that huge numbers of our readers have been taking advantage of the deals we find every week and saving a lot of money on the tech products we usually recommend as a result.

But when we heard about what one of our freelancer writers was doing to save money we had to share it.

So, although this isn’t the kind of tech gadget discount thing we cover every week, this IS a tech driven way to save a lot of money and we felt it simply wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t pass it on.

This is THE BEST thing we’ve ever covered on the Friday Deal and it comes courtesy of one of our writers, Sally, who lives in Connecticut and casually mentioned it to us last week.

We were shocked when she told us how she saves around 5% on everything that she buys online!

That very quickly adds up, as you can see from this screenshot of her ‘cashback’ account.

Ebates 1 1024x348 - Our BEST Friday Deal – Ever!

What shocked us even more was that she hadn’t told us!

I’ll do some explaining below, but the short story is that she’s using what’s called a ‘cashback’ site. There’s several you can find, but the most established and undoubtedly the best is called Ebates.

Using this site, you get forwarded to all the online stores you’d normally use, but Ebates actually sends you cash back as a form of discount when you shop.

It’s really a no-brainer.

As Sally said, “Earning money back on the things you’re already buying – why wouldn’t you sign up for that?”

An average US family could easily save over $500 per year shopping at their usual online stores using Ebates.


So, although this isn’t the kind of tech gadget discount thing we cover every week, this IS a tech driven way to save a lot of money and we felt it simply wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t pass it on.

Hold up just a second – the specific site we’re talking about that you need for this is for those living in the US only. We know that the same thing can be done in the UK and various other countries using different sites, so if you don’t live in the US, look at the bottom of this post to see how you can save loads of cash too!

As I said, the site that we’re recommending you use is a site called Ebates. This is the one that Sally put us on to but it is also the leading cashback site in the US, it charges no fees and has the most incredible reputation for looking after their customers.

Although we already had Sally’s word that this was a business and tech tip she adored, before recommending it, we checked their Trustpilot score – 9.6!!!

That means that their millions of users really love their service.

ebates trust pilot score.png - Our BEST Friday Deal – Ever!

How does Ebates work?

I’ve said already that Ebates is a “cashback” site.

But, what does that mean and how does it work?

Well, wherever you’re shopping online (and they really do have most large US online stores covered – Walmart, Amazon, Target, NewEgg, Macy’s, JC Penney, but also holiday sites like Expedia, Priceline and Hotels.com – there are literally thousands!), you go to Ebates first, click through the Ebates link to the store you’re going to shop at, and continue shopping as normal.

As long as you do that, they give you cash back on whatever you purchase (it varies, but they have cash back deals that can go up to 10% or more).

All the cashback that you earn is added to your account and paid out four times per year – once every quarter.


Sally gave us the example of a shop she did at The Body Shop online store just this week for presents for her teenage daughter’s upcoming birthday. She bought a gift set (eyeliner) and two ‘bath and body’ packs for a total of just under $65. Ebates currently has a 10% cashback offer for The Body Shop, so her cash back will be $6.50.

On top of that, Ebates had an additional coupon offer that gave her free shipping (if spending over $50, which she was) and three free items. The free items were worth another $27 and shipping would have been $7.

So, all in, just using Ebates for that purchase saved her $40.50, of which $6.50 will be paid to her by Ebates in her next quarterly payment.

As you can see from that example, one amazing additional bonus is that on top of the cashback discount you can also use whatever coupon or promo code you might be able to find for that site where you’re shopping. Ebates doesn’t replace that coupon code – it’s just a bonus on top of that.

And, better still, Ebates lists a huge number of coupons itself. Look for those when you’re logged in to your Ebates account before you shop, but you can use coupons you find anywhere, not just the ones listed on Ebates.

Here’s Ebates’ own video that explains how it works:

Seen enough already and just want to get started?


How does Ebates do this?

I’m not going to bore you with too much detail of how Ebates are able to do this, but, in short, all these retailers offer what’s known as an affiliate commission to companies that can send shoppers to their website.

As Ebates is doing exactly that that when you click through from your Ebates account, they get paid the affiliate commission when you buy. Your cashback comes from Ebates then sharing that affiliate commission back with you.

There’s lots of very clever tracking stuff going on to make it all happen but, as a user of Ebates, you don’t even have to think about it.

Ebates do, however, make it even easier for you to remember to use your account with an extension for Chrome that reminds you when shopping that a cashback deal is available – we’ll cover that below, but first let’s get your account set up!

Set Up An Ebates Account

So, here goes:

Step 1:

You’re going to sign up to Ebates.com and make as many of your online purchases as possible using your account there.


Step 2:

Go shopping! Be blown away by how simple it is to save a LOT OF MONEY every time you need to buy anything.

Step 3:

Be real happy we found out about this and shared it!

Using Ebates – 5 Tips

Here’s five things that you need to remember to get the most out of using Ebates:

  1. If you use an Ad Blocker when browsing the web, this will stop your shopping being tracked by Ebates so you won’t get your cashback. You need to whitelist Ebates in your Ad Blocker software. Don’t worry though, Ebates will recognise you’re using an Ad Blocker the first time you use it and explain how to do the whitelisting.
  2. Before you buy anything online get in the habit of going to Ebates first. Make sure that the online store you were thinking of using is a part of the Ebates partnership. If not, find the item you want to buy somewhere else. Also, inside Ebates you can look for stores with the highest cashback rates. An inside tip from Sally is that she uses this for Christmas and birthdays and makes all her gift purchases from stores that have great offers. She finds that means she thinks more about her gift giving, finds unusual gifts plus she gets a better present for the same money and saves way more into the bargain. Triple win!
  3. Check Ebates for coupons. As wells as the standard cashback, Ebates also lists a huge range and amount of additional money off coupons.
  4. Ebates try to track any purchase you make up to 30 days after clicking through from your account on their site (or by using the Chrome extension). But, sometimes that tracking might fail so I’d recommend always clicking through from Ebates (or use the Chrome extension) before you checkout of any store to make sure you get the cashback.
  5. Ebates have recently introduced offline cashback with some of their partner stores. This means that you can get cashback even for shopping in some physical stores. There’s more on how to set this up inside your Ebates account, but basically you link a credit card to your Ebates account and when you shop at the store it gets recognised and the cashback gets posted to your account., This is a real game changer and could see you save even more cash.

Ebates Chrome Extension

I mentioned this earlier, but, once you’ve set up your Ebates account, go and read this page and go to the Chrome extension store here to install the chrome plugin.

If you haven’t logged in to your Ebates store before you shop online, there is no way for Ebates to track your shopping and credit you with the cashback.

But this Chrome extension solves that.

It sits in the top right of your browser and if you go to a store that is part of the Ebates partnership it will pop up and tell you what discount is available if you buy through your Ebates account.

The extension pop-up will say ‘Activate Up To 5% Cash Back’, or whatever the offer is. You simply then click on that button and Ebates tracking is automatically switched on – you do not even then need to visit Ebates – it’s automatic.

Get Set-Up Here:


List Price: $Never Again


Not in the US?

If you’re not in the USA, obviously you can’t use Ebates.

That’s a shame since it is such a great business that has the absolute trust of its users, but, fear not, there’s a business like Ebates in most places.

Obviously we haven’t tried these, but judging on reports from the net they are held in high regard, so give them a go.

And we’d also like to know what you think, so leave a comment here if you’ve tried them!






We’ll add more to this list as our readers tip us off to cashback companies they trust in different parts of the world.

March 17, 2017