PhoGo Case Turns iPhone 5 Into A Multi-Lens Camera

Here at iCloud Login, we love iPhonography and are extremely excited about this fantastic new PhoGo case for the iPhone 5. As far as camera cases go, this is the James Bond version, turning the iPhone into a multi lens camera with tripod accessories and lens locking technology. We will no longer have to line the lens up to the iPhone camera case every time you accidentally knock it.With a simple one-piece snap on case, there are simple cut-outs for the main parts and controls. A bayonet fitting accepts lenses from Diff (the company that makes PhoGo). The lenses are similar to magnetic lenses, but also have a tab on the base to lock them to the case.

And just in case you were worried about accessorising with your favourite shoes/handbag, it will come in a range of colours!

How Much Does it Cost?

This insanely attractive gadget is only around $35 plus $50 for a range of lenses. Hell yeah!

September 2, 2013