Printer Management Tips in OS X

OS X gives so many options, the freedom we have is sometimes extremely confusing. Printers are one of my arch enemies, I always struggle with them, and have all sorts of issues, but thanks to MacWorld and their in depth information, I now feel so much more up to scratch on what I can do, and how I need to do it.

This MacWorld video is an excellent step by step guide to printer management in OS X. Some of the tips shared in the video were completely new to me, and worked a treat when put into practise.

The video covers multiple printers, printer pools, CUPS printing system, error logs, troubleshooting, and controlling which users can access shared printers.

My favourite part is that if you are having difficulties with a print job on one printer, you can just move it to another printer. I wish I’d known that earlier – it would have saved me hours of wasted time shouting at the printer!

Check it out, and save yourselves from printer-phobia:

If you want to find out more on this subject, the Macworld article mentioned in the video can be accessed by clicking here and you will be able to read up more about “Beyond the Basics” printer management in OS X.


August 1, 2014